About Alicia

Alicia DeWitt, MS, LMHC, NCC

(wife, mother, daughter, friend)

I'm thrilled to serve people across the state of Indiana as a therapist for adults, children, and teens.  Previously, I enjoyed working in a wide variety of settings including as a school counselor and as a therapist at a residential treatment center. Helping children/adults with special needs and their families is something I enjoy most.  

In my free time, I enjoy going on walks with my husband and playing with our three daughters. We love to swim and go on bike rides. Our neighbors even see me running through the yard playing hide-and-seek freeze tag. For now, I can win. I suspect that won't last much longer. When spending time alone, I enjoy playing outside in the flowers or relaxing with a cup of coffee.

What I love about being a therapist is the honor of someone allowing me to be a part of their journey. There is such beauty in walking alongside someone as a partner in their healing and transformation. To be truly known and accepted is where real growth can occur.

Whether you're struggling with the effects of anxiety, dealing with a strained relationship, grieving a tremendous loss, or something else entirely, I will meet you right where you are. Together, we will discover who you are becoming!